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Press Conference

Luis FernandesBrazil’s Deputy Minister of Sport Luis Fernandes (right) has said the government will not tolerate protesters if they resort to violence.

Protests and demonstrations have been carried out throughout Brazil in the lead up to the World Cup, particularly in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.

In the early hours of Monday morning there were clashes between police and protesters in Sao Paulo which saw tear gas used to disperse the crowds.

Luis Fernandes attended a press call at the Copacabana Forte yesterday and told Planet Sport he accepted peaceful demonstrations but if protesters resorted to violence then the authorities would intervene.

Rio Press conf 1He said: “I wouldn’t say the protests upset me, I am not going to speak personally but I will say something from the position of the Brazilian government.

"We are a democratic country so our constitution guarantees the right to freedom of expression and this includes protests."

"We fully respect the right to demonstrations from any segment of our population to voice whatever grievance they want to voice because we are a democratic country and that right is to be respected.”

 Rio press conf 2He added: "What we do not accept and cannot accept because it is against the democratic rule of law are acts of violence or vandalism. 
 "Most of the protesters themselves have rejected the violence we have seen at the end of some demonstrations so that is the basic position we are taking."

 "We will always defend this point. There is freedom of expression, peaceful demonstrations will be tolerated because they are part of democracy but acts of violence and vandalism will not be tolerated."











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